Old News...

June, 2006:
Rifle Nice continues to be ever-greatening. New songs keep appearing and going next level. We now have an ep and we still have the same promises that there is an album. Our search for a label to release it for us stinks of self-doubt. We may prefer SoulSeek for our distribution needs.

December, 2005:
Rifle Nice was reminded just how badly we need new photos taken when the Philadelphia Inquirer showed this story to our parents.

November, 2005:
Our Plain Parade compilation song "Move Closer to What Deaner was Talking About," a mix of the Action News theme and the Ween song was mentioned in the City Paper:

CD Reviews


Various Artists
Songs From the Sixth Borough

(Plain Parade)

October, 2005:
The next time you see Rifle Nice, like I mean at a show not just like you see Jody all wasted under a table or share a giggling fit with Steve, you will see our new threads. That is correct, there is now a very small line of Rifle Nice clothing going for five clams an item, which you need to see to believe.

August, 2005:
As a band, it's like more of the same, just rocking the free world as they say, so let's get personal. Jimmy and Alicia moved from East Falls to W. Philly to I guess pursue some skanky dreams? No, their new place is real nice and also amazingly it's no lie: Jim now has a cell phone. I cannot see any change in Steve, the dude is a rock, but I can report that those dudes are in a band called Dragon City and they have a new ep that is very hot. Rory is also a rock, no real concerns for his emotional life here. I can also report that he has a new band called Mitch Fiction which premieres at the North Star Aug. 20th. So after you come to our show August 19th, you can come to that one the next day. That will give you a good opportunity to have some horribly awkward conversation with us the first night which can be rehashed the second night, possibly to wildly more satisfying results. Oh and as for me, it's private, this is not a fucking blog.

July, 2005:
I have said it before and I might say it again: Rifle Nice is seriously this time so ridiculously close to being finished an album. Don't worry. You will hear when it is finished. It will be in some sort of novelty column of music mags no doubt, as the album to make fun of du jour. But maybe you will love it anyway, like a baby bird your cat got to.

May, 2005:
The news is I fixed the website. Now it will be easier to update, so maybe there will be more news.

March, 2005:
I am deeply and truly now excited about the future, if any, of Rifle Nice. Alicia is now unemployed, Steve invented a new instrument called the Trumperorder, Jim had his drums tuned, Rory got mad because he was allegedly not invited to a Wonder Drug party, and I got a keyboard that can say 'my flow is tight' and 'powder your nose.' Good times, good times, and new tunes will be debuting at our April shows. Actually we are going on a mini-tour which consists of one day in South Jersey. You won't want to miss it.

February, 2005:
Rifle Nice is entering PHASE II, having lost a member. This means NEW SONGS! NEW RENDITIONS OF OLD SONGS! ALICIA MCCARTHY ON BASS GUITAR?!?! MYSTERY GUEST STARS!?!?!? Also we now have in our possession some extremely hot recordings done with our hero BILL "MORIARTY" MORIARTY. These will be packaged up and sold as a 'CD' or 'EP'. Perhaps I have already placed a couple tracks for your previewing if you click on my face.

Previously on Rifle Nice:
Old news is in the trash. But a quick recap of the adventures of Rifle Nice- in 2004 Jody felt her impatience for mankind would make it impossible to play with a band. Rory, a professional disaster manager, disagreed. Long-admired rock and roll heroes Jimmy, Stevie, and the now-departed Benjamin joined forces as well as the rising starlet Alicia 'Wacko McArty' McCarthy, the only member who really went to art school. Many scoffed. Words were spoken. 'Joke.' 'Chick.' 'Art.' But soon, RN had slept its way onto the bills of many up-and-coming bands, showering groupies with tampons and milking their ears for blood.